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How To Brine A Turkey

Turkey Brine

Brining your turkey makes it taste better!

If you are looking for a way to add a kick of flavor with a juicy center to your turkey, what better way than to brine?  There are many different ways to prepare a turkey such as a dry rub or injection, but brining creates the best bird in my opinion.  With this method you can add whatever seasonings you like for flavor and really make it your own.  Brined turkeys also are super moist because of the salt in the brine causes the meat to absorb the water along with the flavorings, leaving you with a juicy, flavorful bird.

To start the process you will want to begin the night before and allow yourself about 10-12 hours for the process to be complete.




  • Some of the supplies you will need for brining your turkey are a container large enough to hold your turkey and cover it with brine, salt, water, sugar, and your choice of seasonings.
  • Make sure you have an area to keep your turkey cool after brining.  (Such as a refrigerator, cold room, cooler, etc.)
  • To prepare your turkey, make sure it is cleaned out, thawed and is not a Kosher or self-basting turkey.  These turkeys have a salty stock added to them that makes them too salty when brined. (A fresh, natural turkey works best for brining).


  • Now it is time to mix your ingredients.  To start mix 1 cup table salt into 1 gallon of water.  Make sure all of the salt is dissolved before mixing in seasonings.
  • Now this is the fun part.  You can really make your brine with whatever seasonings you would like to use to achieve a certain flavor.  Seasonings can range from being hot with cayenne pepper, to savory with herbs and garlic, or sweet with molasses, brown sugar, or honey.
  • Also there are many liquids you can use to brine your turkey such as wine, beer, apple cider vinegar, apple juice, orange juice, etc.


  • To set-up your turkey to brine:  Place your turkey in the container you have chosen and make sure to cover the entire turkey with your brine mixture.
  • Once your turkey is covered, then place it in the cold storage area you selected and let it sit.  The turkey should absorb the brine roughly 1 hour for every pound.
  • When you are ready to being cooking your turkey rinse it off.  Rinse your turkey until all traces of salt are off the bird.  This is a very important step because if all of the salt is not thoroughly washed off the meat, you can end up with an overly salty turkey.


There you have it.  The perfect brined turkey.  If you follow these steps correctly you should end up with a flavorful, juicy, and savory bird that you can make time and time again.  I hope you have enjoyed learning about this method to prepare your best bird yet!

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