Discover How To Deep Fry The Perfect Turkey

New Book On How To Deep Fry A Turkey Available For Free Download On Amazon Kindle


New Book On How To Deep Fry A Turkey Available For Free Download On Amazon Kindle

A new Amazon Kindle book on deep-frying a turkey is available as a free download for two days on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Blaine, WA October 22nd, 2012, — Today, Efficient Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is offering a special two day promotion where people can download a free copy of its newest book on the Amazon Kindle platform titled Turkey Fryers & Deep Fried Turkey: How To Deep Fry A Turkey- Complete Step By Step Instructions To Cooking Your Tastiest Turkey Ever!

Justin Lee, CEO of Efficient Enterprises, Inc and avid deep fryer of turkeys, authored the book that is now available for immediate download on the Amazon Kindle platform.  As a special promotion for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Mr. Lee has made the book available for free for everyone on October 25th and 26th of this year.

“With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up next month, more people are looking to deep fry a turkey than ever before.  I wrote this book so that people had a solid, concise guide to follow when cooking their deep fried turkey this year,” said Mr. Lee.

The book provides simple step-by-step instructions on how anyone can prepare a deep fried turkey, and covers literally everything needed to get started, and answers questions about deep frying a turkey, including:

  • Addressing safety concerns
  • Reviewing all of the essential and optional equipment needed to deep fry a turkey
  • What kind of turkey is best for deep-frying
  • What kind of oil should (and shouldn’t) be used
  • How to clean, thaw and prep a turkey for deep-frying
  • The different flavoring methods (brine versus rub versus injection)
  • How long to deep-fry a turkey and how to tell when it’s done
  • How to properly carve a deep fried turkey
  • Cleaning up the frying oil, storing it, recycling it and/or disposing of it

“As a special bonus we’re also offering everyone who downloads the book from Amazon a complete set of step-by-step instructional videos showing exactly how to deep fry a turkey.  This set of videos is free, and is the perfect compliment to the book we just published” added Mr. Lee.

The book launched last week on and will only be available for free for a brief two-day period, October 25th and 26th.

To download the book for a limited time for free go to:

For additional information, contact:

Penny Fletcher
Efficient Enterprises, Inc.
Ph: (888) 291-9098


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