Discover How To Deep Fry The Perfect Turkey

Our Book On How To Deep Fry A Turkey Will Be FREE For 2 Days


Turkey Fryers & Deep Fried Turkey: How To Deep Fry A Turkey- Complete Step By Step Instructions To Cooking Your Tastiest Turkey Ever!We just wanted to let you know about a 2 day promotion that we’re about to start running on  Our book (currently priced at $2.99) will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD starting on Thursday, October 25th through Friday, October 26th.

On those two days, if you visit our book page on Amazon, you will be able to download the book to your favorite Kindle reading device (or laptop, ipad, iphone, tablet or smartphone) for free!

We are doing this as a special to get the word out about the tastiest way to prepare a turkey: deep frying it!

If you (or anyone else you know) is interested in:

  • How to deep fry a turkey
  • Addressing safety concerns
  • Reviewing all of the essential and optional equipment needed to deep fry a turkey
  • What kind of turkey is best for deep-frying
  • What kind of oil should (and shouldn’t) be used
  • How to clean, thaw and prep a turkey for deep-frying
  • The different flavoring methods (brine versus rub versus injection)
  • How to improve their deep fried turkey taste/flavors
  • How long to deep-fry a turkey and how to tell when it’s done
  • How to properly carve a deep fried turkey
  • Cleaning up the frying oil, storing it, recycling it and/or disposing of it

Then grab your free copy of our book on either Thursday, October 25th or Friday October 26th.  Also, if you have friends, family or colleagues who are interested in deep frying a turkey, you can either email them this blog post, share it on Twitter or Facebook with them, or better yet, go to Amazon and gift it to them!


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