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What Kind of Turkey is Best to Cook?


This is the first post in our series titled “Twenty Two Thanksgiving Turkey Tips”.  Each day between now and Thanksgiving we’ll have a new tip for you.  Today’s tip is about what is the best kind of turkey to cook:

“What kind of turkey do I buy this year?”Decisions, decisions...

With all of the selection out there it may be hard to decide which kind of turkey is best for you.

The turkey you buy definitely has a strong effect on how delicious your turkey will end up tasting.  Frozen turkeys may be the cheaper and faster route, but you may regret this decision when it comes to taste.  A natural, free range bird is usually the best choice for your turkey selection.  They may cost more, but when it comes to turkeys you will find that you really get what you pay for.

Below we list the different varieties of the best turkeys to choose from.  These vary from free range, to organic, natural turkey and lastly what is probably the best combination of these types to look for while in the market for a turkey.

Free Range

  • Turkeys are permitted to roam freely outside without being kept in cages or barns.
  • The turkeys are free to exercise and roam freely for food.
  • The biggest benefit of raising turkeys this way is that higher quality turkeys are produced and receive humane certification for this method


  • For a turkey to be organic, the bird must not be exposed to herbicides or pesticides for 3 years or more.
  • Everything within the turkeys feed must be organic
  • Turkeys are treated humanely and mostly located on certified organic pastures.

Natural Turkey

  • Only minimally processed that does not fundamentally alter the turkey.
  • No artificial ingredients or added colors
  • The label must include a statement explaining that the turkey is natural

The best combination, if possible, is for the turkey to be both organic and free range.  This way the turkey can roam freely outside, while you know that the farmer and all others involved in the production process will adhere to all standards for the bird to be fresh, clean and organic.

Check with your local farmer’s market, search in Google, or head to the best butcher or grocery store in town to find out who is selling the best, freshest, free range, organic, natural turkeys in your area.  It might cost you a few dollars more, but how many times a year do you buy a whole turkey?  If it’s the holidays, then go ahead, splurge, and enjoy yourself!

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