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Deep Fried Turkey Disaster Videos

This is the 8th post in our series titled “Twenty Two Thanksgiving Turkey Tips”.  Each day between now and Thanksgiving we’ll have a new tip for you.  Today’s topic is Deep Fried Turkey Disaster Videos:

Unfortunately many people associate deep frying turkeys with disaster: unsafe, explosions, fireballs, etc.  And while this can be true, if you follow our safety tips (like the ones we outlined yesterday), or you carefully read chapter 2 in our book, you have nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately though, many people don’t follow safety precautions (like dropping a rock solid frozen turkey into 350° F boiling oil), and the result isn’t pretty.

Unless, of course, it’s caught on YouTube.  Then someone else’s near disaster becomes a hilarious blooper video.  Below we’ve got some of our favorite deep fried turkey blooper videos that are sure to cause you a laugh.  We’ve listed them in order, with our favorites (in other words the funniest) ones first.

After you get done laughing, be sure to share these with your friends (along with the caveat that these deep fryers didn’t follow the safety precautions that we suggest):


“The Archimedes’ Principle” (Our Favorite)


“The Shovel”


“The Pool Party”


“The Wrong Fire Extinguisher”


“The Wood Deck Debate”


“The Cult”

Here’s a refresher of the most important safety tips for your convenience:

  1. Always deep fry outdoors
  2. Choose your cooking area wisely!  .
  3. Get good equipment.  A stable fryer that is big enough to hold your big is sufficient.
  4. Dress Appropriately!
  5. Wear over mitts or gloves while deep-frying.
  6. Make sure your bird is completely thawed before frying.
  7. Turn off the burner right before dropping the turkey in.  Relight once your turkey is submerged.
  8. Have a helper for assistance when needed.  Two sets of eyes always helps.
  9. Keep your children and pets away!
  10. Keep a Class K fire extinguisher around just in case of a fire.


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