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How Long Do I Deep Fry My Turkey For?


This is the 18th post in our series titled “Twenty Two Thanksgiving Turkey Tips”.  Each day between now and Thanksgiving we’ll have a new tip for you.  Today’s tip talks about How Long You Deep Fry Your Turkey For:

Deep frying a turkey really takes no time at all compared to the traditional route of roasting.  If you want to know how long to cook your turkey for then you can follow this simple tip.  Shoot for 3 ½ minutes per pound and you will be set to go.  You can try 4 minutes per pound, as some people do, but honestly you run the risk of drying your bird out that way.  We suggest to stick to 3 ½ minutes per pound and everything be just fine.  If you are worried about under cooking your bird you can always use a meat thermometer to know for sure when your bird is done.

Here’s a simple time graph to follow for deep frying turkey:

Turkey Weight                                  Deep Fry Time

8 pounds                                             28 minutes

10 pounds                                           35 minutes

12 pounds                                           42 minutes

14 pounds                                           49 minutes

16 pounds                                           56 minutes

18 pounds                                           63 minutes

20 pounds                                           70 minutes


As you can see from this chart, the time to cook deep fried turkey is much quicker compared to that of a roasted turkey.  A whole 20 pound turkey takes only 70 minutes to prepare, that’s only a little over an hour!

When it comes to cooking times, if you have read our “How To Clean & Prep Your Turkey Before Deep Frying It” post, you should have known to save your sticker from your turkey which indicates how much your turkey weighs.  This way you will know exactly how long to cook your bird for without error.  If you follow this chart and our cooking time suggestion (3 ½ minutes per pound) your turkey should come out golden, delicious and cooked perfectly every time.

For more information of this topic or to clear up any questions you may have, watch this instructional video on “How Long To Cook A Turkey”:

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2 Responses to “How Long Do I Deep Fry My Turkey For?”

  1. susan says:

    Read your book last night, very good info. We have been frying turkey for a few years and have been using the formula:

    turkey breast only: 7 minutes per pound + 5 minutes
    whole turkey: 3 minutes per pound + 5 minutes

    It sounds like you have had great success with your 3-1/2 minutes per pound for a whole turkey.

    What is your advice on deep frying just the turkey breast? How many minutes per pound? Can you do two at once? Thanks!

    • justin_lee says:


      Great question. Based on the chatting we did on Facebook, I found out that your breast is “bone-in”. For that, go with 7 minutes per pound. Don’t add the extra 5 minutes. Instead, wrap the breast in tin foil, and let it sit for 45 minutes and you’ll be just fine.

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