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How Much Oil Do I Need To Deep Fry A Turkey?


This is the 11th post in our series titled “Twenty Two Thanksgiving Turkey Tips”.  Each day between now and Thanksgiving we’ll have a new tip for you.  Today’s tip tells you how much oil you need to deep fry a turkey:

So you have your oil picked out, you have your equipment and now it’s time to figure out how much oil to use!  Measuring your oil is an essential part of deep frying a turkey.  If not done properly you’ll too much oil resulting in an overflowing fryer and possible fireball!  If you don’t have enough oil, then not all of the turkey will cooked!

Fortunately we’ve got a simple method for determining the exact amount of oil you will need, and it’s something we call the “reverse water displacement theory.”

This theory helps people to see exactly how much oil will be needed during the turkey frying process.  You start by only using water in a very quick, convenient, and hassle free way to avoid major safety issues from an excess amount of oil.  If you do this every time before you cook your bird you will have a hard time going wrong and avoid any serious messes or hazards.

The Basics of the Water Displacement Theory

  • Grab your cooker or turkey pot for measurement.
  • Put the turkey in the pot and fill it with water.  Do this until the turkey is entirely submerged.
  • Pull the turkey out of the water and let ALL water drip off.
  • Now look to see where the water level is in the pot and mark this level.
  • To mark the water level use a ruler to measure how far up the water is.  Also, if you prefer, you can use a knife or marker to remember the spot.
  • When frying make sure to only fill the oil up till this point

There you have it.  It is really that easy to prevent a fireball or any other disaster from using too much oil while frying.  If you follow these instructions step by step then you should have no problem with oil and won’t become another deep frying disaster.

If you need a visual step by step guide on this process why don’t you check out our own water displacement video to help you along with measuring and cooking oil questions:


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