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How To Clean & Prep Your Turkey Before Deep Frying It


This is the 16th post in our series titled “Twenty Two Thanksgiving Turkey Tips”.  Each day between now and Thanksgiving we’ll have a new tip for you.  Today’s tip includes How To Clean & Prep Your Turkey Before Deep Frying It

Okay, so now you’ve done almost all of the preparations to get your bird ready to deep fry.  Cleaning your bird is essential to get off any residue that could possibly be on your turkey and also to double check that nothing is still inside or attached to your bird (giblet bag, wires, etc.)  You will need to have a nice fresh, clean bird if you are considering flavoring your turkey in some way also such as brining, injection or using a dry rub.

To begin cleaning and getting your bird ready to fry you want to open the packaging and make sure to save the sticker that comes with your turkey telling you how much your bird weighs.  You will need this to know how long to cook your turkey for.

Now is the time to start cleaning your bird once you have the weight of your turkey down.  First rinse your turkey very thoroughly and remove the neck and giblets.  Then make sure to remove all wiring holding the turkey in place and anything else that could be attached to the bird.  Many people save the giblets, which we highly recommend, so you can use them in a delicious turkey stock recipe.  One of the last steps for getting your turkey ready is to check to make sure there is no excess skin where the neck of the turkey is.  If you find this, use a pair of scissors to cut the extra skin because it can be an annoyance while you try to cook.

For step by step instructions of this process or to clear up anything about these instructions, check out our very own video depicting how to clean and prep your turkey to get ready for a delicious deep fry!




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