Discover How To Deep Fry The Perfect Turkey

How To Deep Fry A Turkey Safely


This is the 7th post in our series titled “Twenty Two Thanksgiving Turkey Tips”.  Each day between now and Thanksgiving we’ll have a new tip for you.  Today’s tip is about How to deep fry a turkey safely:

Safety is one of the biggest concerns that many people, especially first-time fryers, have when it comes to deep frying a turkey.  For every disaster story there are tens of thousands of turkeys that are deep fried safely.  The only reason we ever hear about these “horror stories” is that the deep fryer didn’t pay any attention to safety in the first place.

Either that, or they didn’t have any safety hints to follow.  That’s where this blog post comes into play!  We’ll give you all of the necessary safety tips to deep fry your turkey safely this Thanksgiving.

Listed below are variety of different safety procedures to follow and practice when it comes time to deep frying your turkey.  If you follow these rules, there should be no reason for any accidents to occur and you can then relax and have fun!  With these rules in mind you can deep-fry without worrying about becoming a danger to yourself or your family.

  1. Always deep fry outdoors
  2. Choose your cooking area wisely!  Pick an area that is level with no ceiling, patios or trees in the surrounding area.  Don’t use a deck either to deep-fry you bird because wood and hot grease do not mix well.Deep Fried Turkey Safety
  3. Get good equipment.  A stable fryer that is big enough to hold your big is sufficient.
  4. Dress Appropriately! No flip-flops or open shoes.  Be sure to be covered up enough that grease cannot spill onto your bare skin.
  5. Wear over mitts or gloves while deep-frying.
  6. Make sure your bird is completely thawed! An unthawed turkey is a sure why to a huge fireball because oil and water DO NOT mix well at all.
  7. Turn off the burner right before dropping the turkey in.  Relight once your turkey is submerged.
  8. Have a helper for assistance when needed.  Two sets of eyes and hands always helps.
  9. Keep your children and pets away!  A turkey frying area is not the place for children to be playing or pets to be running around.
  10. Keep a Class K fire extinguisher around just in case of a fire.


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Also, if you want to add a little laughter to your day, watch our favorite blooper videos from YouTube showing you exactly how NOT to deep fry a turkey.

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