Discover How To Deep Fry The Perfect Turkey

The Essential Equipment Needed To Deep Fry A Turkey


This is the 9th post in our series titled “Twenty Two Thanksgiving Turkey Tips”.  Each day between now and Thanksgiving we’ll have a new tip for you.  Today’s tip is about How to deep fry a turkey safely:

Now that you’ve had a good laugh with the deep-frying turkey disaster videos from yesterday, this post is going to provide you with all the proper equipment needed to deep-fry your bird.  If you are a beginner at turkey frying it is understandable if you’re overwhelmed with which turkey fryer kit to purchase or if you’re not even sure what all you need to deep-fry a turkey.

But fear not, finding the right equipment really is not difficult. There are plenty of places to choose from to find the perfect fryer and accessories such as and many large retailers such as Wal-mart, Target, and Home Depot. If you are looking for quality and selection though, is really the place to go with easy, efficient and inexpensive methods for finding your perfect turkey fryer.
The Essentials

When looking for the proper equipment it is a good idea to shop for a turkey frying kit. These kits will provide you with the all the essentials you need to prepare your bird. There are a number of turkey frying kits to choose from with a wide range of prices for any budget. Many kits can be purchased for under $100. If you want to get a little fancy though, you can go all out and purchase a nice stain-less steel frying kit that will satisfy all of your needs and probably last for decades.


There are many different turkey frying brands to choose from out there currently, but the best two to stick to usually are Bayou Classic and Eastman Outdoors. These are the tried and true brands that are the most dependable for any turkey fryer looking for quality equipment.

Essential Accessories

For everything to run smoothly you must also have or purchase essential equipment to go along with your deep-frying kit.
This equipment includes:

Oven mitts/gloves
Propane Tank (having a backup is essential)
• Pan (For putting the bird in once it’s done in the deep-fryer)

Optional Equipment:

• A turkey frying basket (for making wings, yam fries, or other tasty side dishes, even on the day after Thanksgiving!)
• A turkey injector (Perfect for delicious recipes to flavor your bird)
Meat thermometer


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