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The “Working Backwards” Method To Deep Frying Your Turkey


This is the 15th post in our series titled “Twenty Two Thanksgiving Turkey Tips”.  Each day between now and Thanksgiving we’ll have a new tip for you.  Today’s tip includes the “Working Backwards” Method To Deep Frying Your Turkey:

Do you know what time you want to eat your Thanksgiving meal?  When you oven roast your turkey, the times aren’t always bang on.  Different ovens cook at different speeds, even if they temperature is held at a consistent level.  When it comes to deep frying a turkey, you can plan your meal time down to the minute.  It’s by using a technique we call “Work Backwards” Method that, when followed correctly, will allow you to eat at a specific time .

This method is super easy to follow and only takes a few short steps.  It is so convenient to know exactly when your bird will be done in comparison to unreliable oven roasted turkeys.  Whether there’s a big game on, family traditions, or any other activities you have planned for the day, this method will be a huge help when it comes to eating your meal at a set time.

So do you know what time you want to eat?  If you know this one piece of information then you are ready to start using this method.  Let’s get to it and review the “Work Backwards” Method.

Let’s say we want to eat around 6pm on Thanksgiving day.  You’ll need to let your bird sit for roughly 30 minutes after you get it out of the deep fryer to allow for “carry over cooking” (more on this in Chapter 8 of our book on how to deep fry a turkey).  Then let’s give ourselves another 10 minutes to carve that turkey.  This means that the bird needs to be carved around 5:50 pm and taken out of the fryer around 5:20pm.

As you will see in the tutorial video below that our turkey in this example weighs roughly 12.57 pounds.  So we’re going to go with that to figure out which time is best to begin frying the bird.  Also as we already know, our turkey takes roughly 3 1/2 minutes to cook per pound.  That means you take 12.57 times 3.5 and you can figure out from there that, for this instance, the bird will take roughly 44 minutes to cook.

If the bird needs to be taken out of the fryer at 5:20 pm, then this means we need to drop our bird in at 4:36 pm.  To get the oil hot enough to drop in at this time we will need to start heating the oil by roughly 4pm allowing 30 minutes or so to get the oil hot enough.  (It may only take 20 minutes to get your oil hot, but it’s nice to add a little buffer just in case)

Ok so to be ready to go around 4pm, this means that we will need to have our bird out of the fridge, sitting at room temperature somewhere around 3:30pm or 3:45 pm.

In this example, we would check our bird around 3:15pm, because we like to brine, to make sure that it is completely dry.  If your using a dry rub or injected turkey then it would be alright to get your bird out at 3:30 pm, roughly an hour before dropping it into the oil.

So to be safe, it would be best to have everything ready to roll out around 3pm for this example.  This also means that the afternoon before the big day you should be making your brine, rub or marinade, cleaning your turkey, and also figuring out how much oil you will need with our “Reverse Water Displacement” Theory.

To give you all a clearer view of this process here is a table to follow according to our example for a 12.57 pound turkey:



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