Discover How To Deep Fry The Perfect Turkey

Why Deep-Frying Is The Best Way To Cook Your Turkey


This is the 6th post in our series titled “Twenty Two Thanksgiving Turkey Tips”.  Each day between now and Thanksgiving we’ll have a new tip for you.  Today’s tip is about why deep-frying is the best way to cook turkey:

Have you ever had a dry tasteless turkey that didn’t live up to your expectations?  This is most likely because, like most people, you (over) roasted your turkey.  Roasted turkey can lose a lot of moisture and flavor while cooking, leaving you less satisfied and unimpressed from all your hard work.  Roasting a turkey can take hours to do and if the end result is going to be leathery and dry, why waste the effort?  This is why everyone should consider deep-frying their turkey.  Not only does this make your bird more juicy and delicious, it cuts your cooking time down tremendously.

Listed below are the various reasons why you should try deep-frying and enjoy the juiciest bird you’ve tasted in your life.

  • A deep-fried turkey always comes out tender and delicious.  With roasting the bird is dry is most places and loses flavor
  • It is fun! Instead of crowding around in a stuffy kitchen trying to get a roasted turkey cooked, you can spend time outside with friends and family.
  • This method is a perfect choice for barbeques, tailgates, parties, and holiday feasts.
  • Frying a turkey is MUCH faster.  For instance a 16-18 pound turkey takes only an hour or less to cook.  A roasted turkey of the same size takes 5 ½ to 6 hours.

The disadvantages to roasting:

  • This is the most typical way to cook a turkey. (Think a typical Thanksgiving staple at grandma’s house)
  • As far as time goes, roasting can take anywhere between 3- 6 ½ hours only to cook, not including preparations. ( See why we like deep frying turkeys- its much faster)
  • Roasting means your oven is completely taken up by the turkey with no room for cooking side dishes or anything else.
  • With a roasted turkey you can end up with dry, tasteless meat that is much less flavorful than deep fried turkey.

This year, when you cook your turkey, why not try deep frying it instead of roasting in the oven?  If you’re not sure where to get Turkey Fryers & Deep Fried Turkey: How To Deep Fry A Turkey- Complete Step By Step Instructions To Cooking Your Tastiest Turkey Ever!started, you can pick up a copy of book on Amazon, that will give you the step-by-by instructions you need.  You can also get a complete series of free videos tutorials here on our site, showing you exactly how to deep fry a turkey.

Finally, if you’re concerned about safety, don’t be!  Just read out book (we have a whole chapter dedicated to safety) and download our free safety PDF here on our site as well.

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