Discover How To Deep Fry The Perfect Turkey

Your Free Video Training Course

Welcome and thank you for registering!  Below is your free video training course.  These videos are the perfect compliment to our book on how to deep fry a turkey.  We hope you enjoy them:


Video #1: I’m Deep Frying A Turkey- How Long Do I Cook It For?


Video #2: How To Clean & Prep Your Turkey Before Deep Frying It


Video #3: How Much Oil Do I Need To Deep Fry A Turkey?


Video #4: How To Properly Brine Your Turkey


Video #5: Removing Your Turkey From The Brine & Prepping For Deep Frying


Video #6: Pouring The Oil & Lighting The Burner To Deep Fry Your Turkey


Video #7: How To Drop Your Turkey Into Oil For Deep Frying (And At What Temperature)


Video #8: What Temperature Do I Keep The Oil At When Deep Frying My Turkey?


Video #9: How Long Should I Wait To Eat My Turkey After Deep Frying It?


Video #10: What Else Can I Deep Fry After My Turkey Is Finished?


Video #11: How To Carve A Turkey Part I- Remove The Leg & Thigh


Video #12: How To Carve A Turkey Part II- Separate The Leg From The Thigh


Video #13: How To Carve A Turkey Part III- Remove The Wings


Video #14: How To Carve A Turkey Part IV- Remove The Breast For The Perfect Carve!

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